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    Assuring Resilience and Security of the Digital Twin of the Distribution Grid

    The electricity distribution grid is facing severe challenges due to the energy transition. A timely and accurate view of the current and future electrical behaviour of the electricity distribution grid is provided by the GridData DigitalTwin, which connects to heterogeneous IoT data sources and different IT systems. The resilience and security of the digital twin is essential, while challenged by the heterogeneous IoT connectivity and through potential novel zero-day attacks.

    GridData and Resiltech have recently started a demonstration project to show the increase of resilience and security of the digital twin through the application of machine learning techniques. Two demonstration events to distribution grid operators will be executed in the first half of 2024. The project is co-financed by the European commission in the context of the Horizon Europe project SecuritIT .

    Stay tuned for more information: The demonstration events will be  scheduled and announced later this year. If you are interested in the security and resilience aspects of the digital twin of the electricity distribution grid, pls. contact