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Analysis, design, verification and validation of informatic systems, focusing on embedded systems for safety-critical and security applications for railway, automotive, industrial.

Research and development in ICT and automation, with focus on dependable systems, specially critical system ones.

Training courses, on Safety Critical Systems, V&V, Dependability of Computing Systems, Cybersecurity.



ResilTech is an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) consultancy company operating in the field of safety and security critical systems.

Th company integrates industrial competences with research and development skills coming from the many years experience of its staff in national and international projects.

In relation to safety assessment, ResilTech acts as an independent third party company for validation activities according to the most important international standards and regulations, as:
● IEC61508
● CENELEC EN50126, EN50128, EN50129, EN50159, CE 402/2013 on CSM for Risk Assessment, IRIS, ISO/TS 22163
● ISO26262
● ISO/IEC 27000 – ISA/IEC 62443 – ISO/IEC 15408 – NIST SP 800-30 – CLC/TS 50701 – ISO/IEC 33003 – ISO 21434 – (DIS)ISO 24089
● NIS UE Directive – UN ECE R155 – UN ECE R156

Our customers

Working groups

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a global partnership of leading companies in the automotive and software industry to develop and establish the standardized software framework and open E/E system architecture for intelligent mobility.

CUNA is a non-profit association, federated to UNI, which operates with the aim of contributing to the solution of technical unification topics in the field of mobile machines, their components and related or connected products.

ISAGCA (ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance) is a global consortium working to secure critical infrastructure.

The Arm Functional Safety Partnership Program brings together companies in Arm’s broad ecosystem who specialize in functional safety. These partners can reliably support customers with industry-leading functional safety software and tools, design services, and training services, helping to fast-track product and solution certifications to international standards.
ResilTech covers:
● ISO TC22/SC32/WG8: for ISO26262 (“Road vehicles – Functional safety”), ISO21448 (“Safety of the intended functionality“), PAS 8926 (“Qualification of pre-existing software”).
● ISO TC22/ SC32/WG13: for TS 5083 (“Safety for the Automated Driving Systems”).
● ISO TC22/ SC32/WG14: for ISO PAS 8800 (“Road Vehicles – Safety and Artificial Intelligence”).
● ISO TC22/ SC32/WG11: for ISO 21434 (“Cybersecurity”).

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