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    Protecting Operational Technologies of Medium Enterprises from Cyber Risks

    2021-01-31 – 2021-12-31

    PrOTectME (Start date: 01.01.2021 -End date: 31.12.2021) is an EIT Digital project that creates a targeted start-up offering B2B cyber-risk management services to Medium Enterprises (ME). Exploiting partner’s know-how and existing assets, the start-up helps ME (Medium Enterprise) to measure, understand, improve and certify their cyber-posture for Operational Technologies.

    The PrOTectME consortium is based on solid previous collaborations and successful joint research efforts in the context of EU projects, the consortium has extensive experience in developing cybersecurity solutions and platforms. The member of the consortium are: ResilTech (Project Coordinator and Technology Provider), Engineering (Technical Coordinator and Technology Provider), CEFRIEL (RTO) and BME (Academy).
    By addressing the alignment between IT and OT security, PrOTectME directly contributes to improve the cyber-posture of MEs, with a positive impact on managers’ and workers’ safety in daily operations, increasing efficiency and coordination. Also, it reduces MEs’ feeling of insecurity in using new technologies and adopting increasing automation. At a broader level, PrOTectME will indirectly benefit all European citizens by ensuring higher levels of cyber-security at acceptable economic costs.

    The lifetime of IT/OT systems spans across years while cyber-risks continuously change, requiring constant re-evaluation of risks and mitigations. For this reason PrOTectME offers a continuous re-assessment service to customers. The service uses the ROSI (Return of Security Investment) maximization as key factor to support cybersecurity investment decisions, backed by the estimation of potential losses from cyber incidents for mission-critical IT/OT systems of an ME. The start up will initially leverage partners’ business channels, expanding its solutions in other business sectors.