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    Building Trust in Ecosystems and Ecosystem Components


    BIECO targets a holistic framework that enables measurable, risk-based trust while developing, deploying and operating complex interconnected ICT systems.

    Supply chains are complex ecosystems composed by different processes, actors, technologies, information and resources, which form extremely intricated information management systems. As a result, security in these contexts is also a complex issue, and it is necessary to face it with an integrated perspective rather than analyzing the behavior of each of its individual components.
    BIECO framework will be composed by a set of tools and methodologies, will address the challenges related to vulnerability management, resilience, auditing of complex systems, risk analysis, mitigation strategies and security certification harmonization.
    The specific objectives of the project are:

    • Providing a framework that allows to reinforce trust in ICT supply chains
    • Performing advanced vulnerability assessment over ICT supply chains
    • Achieving resilience in ecosystems formed by unreliable components
    • Extending auditing process to evaluate interconnected ICT systems
    • Provide advanced risk analysis and mitigation strategies that support a view of the complete ICT supply chain
    • Perform evidence-based security assurance and a harmonized certification for ICT systems
    • Industrial validation of BIECO’s framework within IoT ecosystems

    ResilTech will provide expertise in:

    • Requirements definition and identification of use cases
    • SW solutions for resilient clock synchronization
    • Solutions for system self-checking of vulnerabilities and random HW failures
    • Model-driven risk assessment and attack modeling
    • Assuring BIECO compliance with security and safety standards (e.g., IEC 62443, IEC 61508)
    • Support application of BIECO solutions to the smart grid use case