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IOT 4.0 Yacht

    IOT 4.0 solutions for Yacht maintenance and remote assistance

    01/04/2018 – 30/09/2019
    POR FESR 2014-2020 Asse I° – action 1.1.5

    IOT 4.0 Yacht aims at developing, in the nautical domain, an industrial prototype linked to multiple areas of innovation: IOT, Big Data & Analytics, as well as cyber-security. The system foreseen is an innovative and integrated solution for remote maintenance of small and medium sized crafts. Leveraging ICT, it allows operators in a situation room to conduct teleassistance, predictive diagnostics and prognostics, remote maintenance and removal of the main faults on the on-board equipment.

    This service could be activated on-demand and from the boat:

    • periodically, in order to perform a preventive diagnosis of the system;
    • in case of accidental fault. In this situation, technicians in the control room may remotely and real-time support inspections and corrective actions, thanks to a dedicated SW module;

    Research activities of IOT 4.0 Yacht will be specifically targeted on the development of an adequate sensors network, capable of monitoring and controlling the on-board equipment, to support the control room staff.
    The system will also take into account requirements as the security of communications, especially those including sensitive data of the boat, in compliance with existing standards and regulations (cyber security and threat analysis).
    The development activity will produce an advanced module for predictive diagnostics and prognostics of the main on-board equipment. The product will be configurable and integrated in the aggregate system, allowing:

    • Expansion of the existing monitoring level, if any, including new devices and installations;
    • On-line monitoring of devices performance status, generating alarms or intervention requests;
    • Early Fault detection and recognition.

    Finally, there will be an aggregation of multiple types of information, both structured (e.g., navigation data and weather forecast), and not structured (as scheduled maintenance plans).