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    SIgnaling & Sensing Technologies in Railway application

    Operation/project co-financed from POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020

    ACTION 1.1.5
    01/01/2017 – 31/12/2018

    SISTER operates in the context of the integration of traditional tram systems with tram-train solutions. The main objective is the definition of a proper solution to provide an efficient and safe transit system, in a society where a public transportation system efficient and sustainable is of paramount importance.

    The project aims at combining railway safety concepts with higher automation of innovative signalling solutions, taking into account safety-related aspects with respect to the detection of hazardous situations, which may occur on the railway and tramway line, also including railroad contexts. A deep study will be carried out with respect to reliable communications with the signalling system that regulates operations and line security, which at the end of the project will lead to a communication system that is immune or tolerant to interference.

    The objective of the project, which will contribute greatly to the realization of safe and secure management and control solution for Light Rail Transit (LRT) infrastructures, will be achieved through three main branches: i) an innovative signalling system; ii) a new high-level “remote sensing” system of reliability; iii) an innovative and resilient broadband radio communication.

    In the context of the project ResilTech will be involved in the identification of issues related to activities of analysis and related technical gaps within the traditional V&V approach with respect to reference standards (CEI EN50126, CEI EN 50128, CEI EN 50129, e CEI EN 50159). In this context new methodologies and tools will be analysed with the purpose to guide and automate the analysis both at Software and Hardware level.