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    Smart platform based on crowdsourcing and crowdsensing technologies for safety and for the management of crisis and emergencies)

    01/2013- 12/2014
    POR CReO 2007-2013, linea di intervento 1.5.a – 1.6 Bando unico R&S anno 2012

    Secure! will develop an innovativce system for supporting decisions in the topic of private/public safety and civil protection (before during and after) putting together elements of crowdsensing and crowdsourcing and the coordination of monitoring and intervention on the territory.

    With the spread of social media, the general objective of the project is to study the scope and the mode of application of mechanisms, models, techniques, technologies and tools of crowdsourcing for the prevention (when possible), the anticipation and the management of events and emergency situations related to public security and civil protection. In practice, the project aims to define and implement tools and services that complement and integrate existing systems for managing the above mentioned situations, exploiting the potential offered by the huge amount of information present on social media and the availability of “human sensors” that could be involved through crowdsensing processes.

    The project will explore, define and implement innovative techniques and components for the acquisition and collection of data from multiple sources (social media, crowdsensing applications, sensor networks, existing information systems). The project will study and implement innovative techniques and components for the extraction, analysis and integration of information (often unstructured, such as text, images, etc.) taken from those sources. The project will also define services and decision support mechanisms that integrate knowledge management to determine the situation awareness and practical reasoning for the management of the operational plans of action. In addition, the project will investigate mechanisms and techniques for the security, trust, privacy and reliability of both the information collected/managed and the platform services themselves.

    The results of the project will be integrated into a service-oriented enabling infrastructure (the “Secure! Framework”) for building services based on crowdsourcing mechanisms which will manage public safety, infrastructures and civil protection.

    The Secure! Framework will be applied to two demonstration scenarios: i) the protection and management of the artistic and cultural heritage, and ii) the protection of critical infrastructures.