Intelligent Enterprise Software Factory.


Purpose: IES-Factory will allow the creation and development of a "factory" of innovative solutions in the area of advanced services and Digital Transformation for the analysis and implementation of technologies typical of the industry 4.0 context that can support companies towards a so-called evolution of Ā«Intelligent EnterpriseĀ».
Expected results:
  • Design of an AI system that uses mathematical models for optimizing operational/decision-making processes, solution design, configuration and logical connection with demonstrators
  • Multimedia interactive environment for Data Analytics
  • Extended Supply Chain Collaboration for actors and events involved in supply chain management and planning processes.
  • Collaborative Enterprise Planning for the development of a platform for the interaction of business processes
  • Reference data-driven architecture for product design and engineering


Our main responsibilities:
  • Study of current and under development cybersecurity standards and frameworks in mission critical domains;
  • Methodologies for supporting and assessing Cybersecurity weaknesses Identification, assets protection, and attacks detection;
  • Verification and validation methodologies of AI-based software components in mission critical domains;
  • Model-driven Engineering design solutions for Embedded Software Safety Mechanisms for IOT Microprocessors;
  • Design and Development of an Integrated toolchain and a supporting knowledge base for safety and security assurance in mission critical products and system development.