Vision & Mission

ResilTech focuses on the definition of RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) requirements and the verification that the system under test fulfills the target RAMS requirements. In such activities, all V&V activities are included.


In this context, ResilTech is willing to collaborate:

  • with companies to perform RAMS analysis, or as an independent V&V partner;
  • with certification bodies for certification and safety assessment activities of critical systems.

These activities are performed according to a rigorous scientific methodological approach.


ResilTech aim is also to collaborate in national and international research projects in ICT.
The research activities are carried on within the scope of both national and international research projects, both for a specific customer or in the context of collaborative projects. In particular, ResilTech gives high priority to the participation to EU’s research programs, since joining multinational knowledge-generation efforts is key to keep the company innovative and near to the leading edge technologies.
Additionally participation to such projects grants access to interesting collaboration networks.


ResilTech provides moreover training programs, both to industries and to public institutions. Indeed ResilTech proposes high-quality professional courses on: Safety Critical Systems; V&V Processes; Fundaments of Dependability of Computing Systems; Quantitative Evaluation of Computing Systems. All courses are held by highly professional experts in the field.


ResilTech vision can then be summarized as follows:

«To develop and promote,
with the support of a rigorous scientific approach,
Techniques and Technologies for Resilience».

Main reference standards and regulations:
EN 50126 - EN 50128 - EN 50129 - EN 50159 - CE 402/2013 - IEC 61508 - ISO 26262 - IEC 13849 - ISO 9001 - ISO/TS 22163 - UNI 11565
  • The ResilTech quality management system is compliant to ISO 9001:2015 for the following areas:

    «Design and delivery of services, advices and research in the field of resilient systems:
    verification and validation of hardware and software systems,
    dependability/availability/maintainability analyses.
    Software design and development.»

    The ResilTech Quality Policy can be consulted here.

    The ISO9001 certificate for ResilTech can be consulted here.
  • ISO TC22/SC32/WG8
    - for ISO26262 (“Road vehicles - Functional safety”)
    - for ISO21448 (“Safety of the intended functionality“)
Working Groups
ResilTech joins the following Working Groups:

ResilTech is excited to be part of the Arm Functional Safety Partnership Program:
Partnerships and collaborations
ResilTech collaborates with:

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