Tempo indeterminato - Full-time

V&V&S – Verification and Validation and Safety analysis R&D: Safety Critical System Architect & General Studies

Job Objective:
The candidate will work for the V&V&S (Verification and Validation and Safety analysis) projects, where the safety of people and environment is a key element of the project. The candidate at Resiltech will support in Safety Analysis and Verification and Validation activities along the Resiltech customers systems/products lifecycle in order to get the final system approval by the customer, the ISA (Independent Safety Assessor) and in general any Safety Authority in charge of the solution safety approval. Moreover the candidate will potentially be involved in R&D activities at Resiltech where innovative technologies and cost effective methodologies are developed within the context of Regional, National and European co-founded Projects.

Key Responsibilities:
He/She will:

  • support the team in technical safety and RAM activities: identifying and analyzing the RAMS requirements (Contractual and System Requirements), defining the safety strategy, allocating the RAMS requirements to the subsystem components, assuring their implementation in the solutions, and interfacing the Relevant Safety Authority for the project;
  • support the team in safety analysis (FMEDA) on microcontroller architectures;
  • support the team in developing and verifying diagnostic software;
  • support the team in performing verification activities: documental verifications wrt reference standards;
  • support the team in performing validation activities: execution of testing, both in laboratory and on-field;
  • support the team in performing hazard analysis and in hazard log management, including consolidation of hazards, traceability to requirements, design, verification and validation evidence;
  • participate to Program/Project Meetings (internal and external: with the Customer, Resiltech customers and other entities) when scheduled and/or requested;
  • enforce the proposed evidence of safety and RAM with reference to different standards, if needed, as CENELEC 501xx and ISO 26262;
  • give evidence of the fulfillment of the Norms requirements in relation to the V&V activities

Skills, Experience and Qualifications needed:

  • Master (Laurea Magistrale or equivalent) in Electronic Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science Engineering or Computer Science.
  • Age: Preferred < 30 years
  • Fluency in Italian and English

Skills, Experience and Qualifications that will be acquired with the work in ResilTech:

  • Experience in the safety assurance of systems in projects for Italian Railways market
  • Knowledge of Applicable Norms and Regulations for Italian Railway environment and in general for the international metro and tramway environment (CENELEC, STI, IEC), and in automotive ISO 26262
  • Ability to build manage effectively the relationship with Customers
  • Experience in safety assurance of system/solutions in international environment
  • Knowledge of RAMS analysis methodologies, related Norms and tools;
  • Safety Techniques: Functional Analysis, FMECA, SCIL, DRACAS, PHA, SHA, SSHA, IHA, O&SHA, Hazard Log, Safety Case, HAZOP;
  • RAM Techniques: Development of RAM Analysis, FMECA, FTA/RBD, MTBF, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Analysis, MTTR, Availability Analysis, Spare Parts Analysis, LCC Analysis);
  • Signalling systems and ATP/ATC systems;
  • RAMS documentation and Lifecycle according to CENELEC 50126;
  • Risk evaluation, Safety Management and SIL apportionment according CENELEC 50129;
  • Methodologies for SW Verification and Validation according to CENELEC 50128.
  • 32 bits RISC Microcontroller architectures for industrial/automotive control application
  • Experience/knowledge in microcontroller embedded programming