Full V&V&S Cycles activities according to latest standards of SW intensive system.
Creation of Verification and Validation plan:
  • V&V Plan,
  • RAM Plan,
  • Safety Plan.
Creation of Verification and Validation reports:
  • V&V Report,
  • RAM Report,
  • Safety Report.
Planning and management of Safety Cases at:
  • System level,
  • Sub-system level,
  • Component level.
    Functional and Safety Requirements Analysis:
    • System, Sub-system and HW/SW Component level,
    • Formal Technical Inspection,
    • Traceability Analysis using commercial (as DOORS and RequisitePro) and custom proprietary solutions.
    Tests Definition and Execution:
    • at System and HW/SW Component level,
    • Coverage Analysis using commercial (Cantata, Logiscope, Test Checker) and custom code instrumentation,
    • Unit/Integration tests,
    • Functional Analysis,
    • Robustness Analysis,
    • Fault Injection Tests,
    • Performance Analysis.